Hippocrates' and Galen

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  • Hippocrates and Galen
    • when was Hippocrates alive?
    • what did Hippocrates do?
    • when was Galen alive?
    • How important were Hippocrates' discoveries?
    • how important were Galen's ideas?
    • What did Galen do?
    • was Hippocrates' theory correct?
    • Why were their theories incorrect?
  • Hippocrates lived from c.460-c.377BC
  • He created the theory of the four humours which are blood, phlegm, black bile and yellow bile.He believed for a person to remain healthy, the four humours had to be balances
  • The four humours and miasma were both incorrect theories. however they assumed disease had a natural cause rather than a supernatural one which is what most believed in.
  • Galen only ever dissected animals because of this his theories weren't accurate as human and animal bodies are very different.
  • He developed Hippocrates' theory of the four humours and he believed that disease could treated using the opposites.
  • He was extremely influential in medical diagnosis and treatment. His ideas were taught for centuries after his death
  • Galen lived from AD129-AD210
  • They were very important as people such as Galen based their work off of his and we have named the Hippocratic oath after him.


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