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  • hip replacement
    • context
      • Allen Sugar has a bigger chair. Light behind him in the room. Large desk and candidates laid out infront of him, and nick and karen either side. Assymetrical relationship
      • Televised so candidates may feel nervous, or be more determined.
        • non scripted
    • social attitudes
      • All in suits -  suggests professional business men and women.
      • SEXISM Jim is an alpha male.
      • Cockney accent is linked to/ associated with stupidity and being common, but LAS is completely the opposite.
    • Who gains power
      • LAS
        • Makes them wait to come into the board room.
          • Their fate is in his hands, and can only do what he tells them to do.
      • Jim
        • Project manager for this task.
        • shoots Susan down over title, and gangs up with Glen to do this - Sexist.
      • Nick
        • Stops Jim getting to big headed and puts him in his place with buyers feedback and comments.
    • Loses power
      • Glen
        • Jim has final word when ganging up on Susan even though he needed him earlier
      • Susan
        • Susan attempts power and fails
        • false starts - cant have power to continue
    • Overall LAS
      • accent kept throughout. He has covert prestige
      • Decides their fate, and even though asks who should leave he will make his own decison.
      • mixes jargon and obscentiy - prsonal identity.


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