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  • Henry VII's consolidation of power
    • Character and aims
      • Battle of Bosworth
        • Henry's task; secure and consolidate his dynasty
        • He wanted to remain king and pass the throne, unchallenged to his heirs.
      • Vergil
        • ''His face was  cheerful, especially when speaking; his eyes were small and blue, his teeth few, poor and blackish; his hair thin and white; his complexion sallow''
      • Francis Bacon
        • History of the Reign of Henry VII
          • ''As one of the best sorts of wonders.. but for his pleasures, there is no news of them''
      • Portrayed as a miser
        • focused so much on finance
        • Liked dicing and playing cards
          • paid £13 6s and 8d on a leopard for the Tower menagerie.
          • Keen sports man, playing tennis and chess
            • passion was hunting
      • Full of emotion
        • Comforted his wife when Arthur died
          • When his wife died he shut himself away to grieve
    • Establishing his reign
      • Dated his reign from the day before the Battle of Bosworth
        • Anyone who fought for Richard III could be declared a traitor.
      • Spared no expense on his coronation
        • Deliberately married Elizabeth of York
          • daughter of Edward IV
          • Delayed Elizabeth's coronation until 1847, two years after his own to ensure there was no confusion about his individual right to his throne
    • Deal with his opponents
      • Put Edward Earl of Warwick in the Tower of London
      • Lincoln and Duke of Suffolk as his enemies
        • swore loyalty to Henry
      • The Earl of Surrey kept in prison until 1489
        • The duke of   Northumberland was released from prison at the end of 1485
        • Rewarded those who supported him
          • Jasper Tudor became Earl of Bedford


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