Henry threats- part one

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  • Opposition to Henry VII
    • Minor Uprisings
      • Yorkshire rebellion (1489)
        • Causes:
          • Henry planned to go to aid of Brittany - parliament (1489) gave him subsidy of 100k for it
          • New higher 'income tax' caused widespread resentment
            • Demand particularly badly received in Yorkshire- suffering from bad harvest prev. summer
            • Yorkists also resented that countries north of them exempted from the tax- expected to defend country from Scots
        • Events
          • King only got 27k
          • Henry Percy (Earl of Northerumberland) put York people's case to King- Henry refused to negotiate
          • Henry Percy murdered by rebels
          • Earl of Surrey defeated rebels outside York- King travelled North to issue pardons to prisoners
            • Despite 'gesture of consolidation' Henry failed to collect more tax
      • Cornish rebellion (1497)
        • Causes
          • Jan 1497- Parliament voted for heavy tax to finance expedition north to resist expected invasion by Scottish King James IV and Warbeck
          • Cornish refused to contribute to defence of the northern part of kingdom
        • Events
          • May- rebels set out from Bodwin and marched through Western countries
            • leader Lord Audley when they marched through Wells
          • 15k strong- reached outskirts of London- camped in Blackheath
          • Cornish confronted by royal army led by Lord Daubeney and Sir Rhys ap Thomas- 100 rebels and Audley and 2 local leaders executed
        • Consequence
          • Worrying rebels reached London w/o opposition- Henry distracted by Scotland and Warbeck
            • Henry realised couldn't afford and started to come to terms with James
    • Pretenders
      • Lambert Simnel (1480-87)
        • Causes
          • 1486- rumours circulated about Earl of Warwick being dead
          • Unsettled climate- Richard Symonds (priest) tool opportunity passed Simnel off as Earl of Warwick
      • Perkin Warbeck (1491-99)
        • Causes
          • Henry had bad relations with France and Scotland- could use Warbeck to make him king
          • Warbeck impersonated Richard IV (one of missing princes from tower)
        • Events
          • Warbeck welcomed at French court by Charles VIII of France (1492)
          • Henry and Charles signed treaty of Etaples Nov 1492- agreed no sheltering rebels
          • 1493 Warbeck forced to go to court of Margaret of Burgundy- tutored him ways of Yorkist court
          • 1493- Archduke Philip- control of Burgundy- ignored Henry's protests about Warbeck- Henry imposed trade ban- although this compromised cloth trade
          • Warbeck welcomed at court of new HRE- Mamimilian (told if W died- he would get claim) - W recognised as Richard IV- increased threat
            • W to Scotland 1486- James IV welcomed- J planned invasion of Eng (Sep)- unsuccessful due to lack of support
              • 1947- J and H signed Truce of Ayton (peace and marriage treaty- H daughter Elizabeth and James)
                • W goes to Ireland and is rejected- goes to Cornwall- got lil support arrested-1498 W in ToL executed1499 after escape attempt with earl of Warwick
                  • Stafford also in tower- chooses not to escape= regains trust


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