Health and diease notes

Dieases and Basics

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  • Health and Disease
    • Basics
      • Health= mental physical & social wellbeing (free from disease,well fed, happy, suitbly housed, well integrated into society)
      • Disease=malfunction of the body or mind, which causes symptoms, a departure from good health
      • Parasite= something the that lives of its host and acquires nutrtion form it, whilst causing it harm
      • Pathogen=organisms that cause disease
      • Vector
      • Untitled
    • Important dieseases
      • Malaria
        • Causes=Female Anopheles mosquito, feed on human blood,proboscis is used to withdraw blood. parasite gamete sucked in to mosquito stomach, zygotes form, infective stage move to mosqito slavary glands,injects anticoagulant,salvia conatin parasite, into blood, into liver, multiply, enter rbc gametes are produced
        • eukaryotic organism from the genus plasmodium
      • HIV
        • Caused by=human immunodeficiency virus,AIDS= acquired immune deficiency syndrome
          • What it does= DestroysT helper cells
      • TB= terberculosis
        • Mycobacterium
        • What it does=infects lungs


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