5 type of drugs

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  • Drugs
    • Stimulants
      • Stimulants  increase reaction time this is because stimulants contain caffine in them & this helps speed your reaction time
      • Coffee is a stimulant
    • Painkillers
      • painkillers block nerve impulses from the painful parts of the body
      • Paracetomol is a painkiller
    • Hallucinogens
      • Hallucinogens change the way our brains work, distorting our senses
      • Lsd is a hallucinogen
    • Naracotics
      • Narcotics reduce pain and create a state of well-being
      • Heroin is  a naracotic
    • Depressants
      • depressants slow down brain activity
      • Alcohol is a depressant


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