health and social catre

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  • physical factors, effects and examples
    • Conditions
      • mental health
        • mental health can make an individual not want to interact with other people
    • Sensory impairment
      • hearing loss
      • sight loss
        • can make an individual feel isolated and anxious to communicate and engage
      • dual hearing
        • can make an individual feel isolated from the environment
    • physical disability
      • a wheelchair user
        • may find that others see the wheelchair before the actual person which could make the wheelchair user feel uncomfortable
      • some who has had a limb amputated
        • may want to avoid building relationships because of their appearance
      • someone who is unable to move without the aid of another
        • may feel like a burden as on others and this may affect their interactions with others
    • language and perception needs
      • autism
        • the individual may feel frustrated and have difficulty developing relationships with others
      • English as a second language
        • can affect how an individual expresses their thoughts and feelings.
      • learning disabilities
        • may feel frustrated and embarrassed as they are being treated as a child
    • substance misuse
      • alcohol
        • can make an individual lie, become defensive and abusive
      • drugs
        • ca make an individual aggressive and unpredictable
      • prescribed medicine
        • can affect how an individual thinks, feels and acts


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