Hannibal Crosses The Alps

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  • Hannibal Crosses The Alps
    • Makes the Romans think they will go across the costal roads
    • Hannibal would be able to cut off Rome from allies
    • Hannibal could form alliances with Rome's enemies and maybe persuade some allies
    • Hannibal could use northan Italy as a base
      • Soil around river Po very fertiel
    • Hannibal would not be able to contact Spain
      • Roman Navy very stromg
    • Hannibal brought with him:
      • 38,000 Infantry
        • 8,000 Cavalty
          • 37 Elephants
    • Hannibal had control of Spain
    • Problems with tribes loyal to Rome
    • Attacked while crossing, lose baggage cart
      • Cart catches up later
    • Rebuild road at Italian end of Alps, set up camp


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