Hamlet - main themes

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  • Hamlet - Themes
    • Action and inaction
      • Hamlet is a thinker and an intellectual
      • The difference between Hamlet and Laertes' efforts to get revenge for their fathers' murders
      • Both action and inaction end in death
      • The warrior compared with the thinker
    • Families
      • Polonius' different treatments of Ophelia and Laertes
      • Families and inheritance
      • Family as a motive for violence
      • Relationships between fathers and sons
    • Politics
      • The state of Denmark is deteriorating
      • Disruption caused by the death of King Hamlet
      • The 'Body Politic' - link between the body of the king and the state
    • Madness
      • Hamlet 'acts' mad to trick people into thinking he's harmless
      • It is assumed that Hamlet's madness stems from his love for Ophelia
      • As the play goes on, it seems as though his madness is more serious
      • Ophelia's madness, driven to  it by grief and hurt
    • Mortality
      • The weight of mortality and the complexities of life
      • The meaning of life
      • After death - the significance of the ghost
      • Is revenge an okay form of murder?
      • The ease & benefits of suicide
    • Corruption
      • Claudius is a Machiavellianpolitican
      • The while state of Denmark is corrupt
      • The death of King Hamlet was described as a corruption of his body
    • Revenge
      • Hamlet getting revenge for his dad's murder
      • Laertes trying to get revenge for his dad's murder and Ophelia's madness
    • Women
      • There are only two named women in the whole play
      • He's at his most agitated while talking to them
      • Hamlet cares for them, but he's also deeply suspicious of them
      • He is repulsed by female sexuality
      • Hamlet treats Ophelia badly
    • Appearance and reality
      • The players and meta-theatre
      • Hamlet's faked madness compared to Ophelia's real madness
      • The ghost?


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