Hamlet Historical context

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  • Historical Context
    • women
      • Despite their being a woman on the throne women lacked any control
        • Ophelia and Gertrude
      • they were the property of their father and later their husband
        • Ophelia and Gertrude
    • Elizabeth
      • Was a protestant
    • Mary Queen of Scots
      • After the death of her husband she failed to follow proper mourning procedures
      • She married the man who was thought to have killed her husband
        • Though to be Gertrude
    • Spies
      • Lord Burghley, Elizabeth's chief minister is said to have sent spies to watch his son in Paris
        • thought to have influence Polonius
      • Because of Elizabeth's protestant beliefs Pope Pius V set up a spy network to undermine her power and have fuel to replace her
        • Elizabeth
          • Was a protestant
        • Potentially Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
    • Revenge
      • Ideas of blood feuds
        • Laertes and Polonius
        • Hamlet and Old Hamlet
        • Fortinbras and Young Fortinbras
    • Humanism
      • A philosophical movement of the time that placed man above all else
        • Philosophical nature of Soliloquy 3.1
    • Religion
      • Protestant vs Catholicism
      • catholic ideas of purgatory explored with Ghost
      • Claudius repentance like Catholic ideas
    • James I
      • Confusion over who would be the next king could influence 5.2
      • Elizabeth had no heirs
    • Supernatural
      • The audience were skeptical of ideas like Ghosts/Witches in the Era


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