Greek: Medicine.

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    • Factors which helped or hindered progress
      • Religion: Believed in Asclepius/ Dissection banned.
      • Trade: Money from slave trade.
      • Writing: Wrote using alphabet.
      • Philosophy: They questioned many things therefore new idea's + theorys
      • Cities were often at war with each other.
      • Alexandria:  A Big library was created at Alexandria where knowledge of dissection and the body was shared.
    • Religion and the Asclepeion
      • The stadium.
        • Patients exercised here which improved their fitness.
      • The abaton.
        • Patients slept here hoping that the gods would cure them but they recovered anyway due to the fact they slept.
      • Baths.
        • Religious reasons but helped their personal hygiene anyway.
      • The Temple of Asclepius.: Patients left gifts in hope that god would cure them.
        • Helped patients recover even though for religious reasons.
    • Explanation of Disease.
      • The Gods: The god Asclepius could heal them.
      • The Four Humours.
        • Phlegm ( Winter)
        • Blood ( spring)
        • Yellow Bile  ( summer)
        • Black bile ( Autumn)
      • Theory= important step. Logical idea based on patient instead of relegion.
    • Hippocrate's work.
      • Four humours: The first natural explanation than supernatural explanation of the cause of disease.
      • Observing and recording. He observed patients closely to find correct cure.
      • Before: Disease was blamed on gods. He changed this by:
      • Natural Treatments. Eg. Diet, excersice and herbal remedies. Away from supernatural treatments.
      • Hippocratic Oath: Promise not to hurt patients + Keep their details private.
      • Hippocratic collection: Collection of his idea's which were very influencial.
    • Other Greek treatments.
      • Purging + Bleeding.
        • Removing a Body's humour to rebalance them.
    • Surgery.
      • They had steel + iron which were better tools than egyptians.
      • Washed wounds and cleaned the, + wrapped them in Linen,
      • Alot  of wars therefore surgeons got practice.


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