Greek Medicine

A mindmap about Greek Medicine.

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  • Greek Medicine
    • The Hippocratic Oath
      • A promise that a doctor made to keep high standards of treatment and behaviour whilst working for the benefit of their patients.
    • Medicine
      • Prayer - Gods cause diseases.
      • Didn't take care of public health.
      • Herbal remedies - people couldn't afford physicians.
    • The Hippocratic Collection
      • A collection of books containing the ideas of Hippocrates.
    • Clinical Observation
      • To observe and record the symptoms and development of diseases and illnesses.
    • Surgery
      • More interested by the causes of illness and in remedies.
      • Dissection was illegal in Greece- nothing new about the anatomy.
    • The Four Humours
      • Liquids in the body
      • Hippocrates idea
      • Blood
      • Black bile
      • Phlegm
      • Yellow bile


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