Grammar for lexis

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  • Grammar - lexis
    • Word types
      • Lexical: objects, ideas, actions and description
    • Nouns
      • Proper
        • People, places, times, organisations
      • Common
        • Collective: refers to a group
        • Concrete: names of objects, animals, substances
        • Abstract: ideas, feelings and qualities
    • Adjectives
      • Comparative: comparing one to another -er/more
      • Superlative: compares to highest degree -est/most
    • Verbs
      • Dynamic: action words e.g cried
      • Stative: express a condition or state e.g hate
      • Primary Auxiliary: helper verbs
        • to be
        • to  have
        • to do
      • Modal Auxiliary: express necessity or probability
        • Can, could, must, might, may, shall, should, will, would
    • Adverbs
      • Of place
        • e.g there, somewhere
      • Of time
        • e.g tomorrow, soon, already
      • Of manner
        • e.e quickly, quietly
    • Pronouns
      • Refer to nouns/ replace nouns
        • e.g I, you, we, she, they


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