Government intervention

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  • Government intervention
    • Competition policy
      • PFIs and PPPs
        • Competitive tendering
        • Government pay rent
        • Funds projects
      • Anti-competitive practices
        • Any action of collusion/as cartels are targeted
      • Mergers and acquisitions
        • Investigated if market share >25%
        • Or combined turnover of £70m
        • Competition Commission
      • Work to promote competition
        • Improved consumer welfare
    • Regulation
      • Price capping
        • RPI-X
        • RPI+K
      • Rate of return regulation
        • Profits cap
      • Performance targets
        • Fines given if targets not met
      • Other regulation
        • Controls in response to the credit crisis
          • Banking industry subject to heavy regulation
        • Controls from outside the UK
          • EU rules take precedence over UK ruels
    • Work to promote competition


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