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  • Godfrey
    • Although the novel is titled "Silas Marner", it also tells the story of G
      • The events of their lives are interwoven to highlight the comparison
        • Ther stories collide at the New Year Party and at the end of the book in particular
    • E's natural father
      • But neglects his duty to her
        • 1) At his parental home, he leaves Eppie with a mother who takes drugs
        • 2) When Molly comes to Raveloe to reveal their marriage, he is relieved about her death+ doesn't acknowledge his child
        • His behaviour underlines his weakness
          • His motivation is his desire to win Nancy
            • Ironically, his failure to tell the truth is rewarded by a childless marriage
    • A victim of Dunstan, as well as S
      • D blackmails G because he has threatened to reveal his marriage to M, which would prevent G from seeing N+ would damage their relaionship with their father
        • G knows that M may come+ tell his father about the marriage anyway, but still he doesn't act
          • Weakness+ inertia
            • Allows D to be dominant+ is G's undoing throughout the story
            • Feared N's rejection
    • Interesting that he is matched with the morally absolute N
      • It would have been hard to tell her everything


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