Globalisation and Crime

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  • Globalisation and Crime
    • Taylor
      • How capitalism allows corporations to move countried to find profitability
      • Reduced job security & increased unemployment
      • Young W/C men turn to crime
        • Development of an underclass
    • Drug Trafficking
      • First illegal sector to maximise profits in the global economy
      • Drugs have well established routes from South America to America
      • Illegal drug abuse results in 52,000 US deaths
    • People Trafficking
      • Made easier and more profitable by globalisation
      • Adults are trafficked for prostitution, labour and organ removal
      • Children are trafficked for prostitution, adoption, marriage and soldiers
    • Cyber Crime
      • Fastest growing criminal activity in developed worlds
      • Made possible by reliance on computers at home and businesses
      • Cyber crime is committed every 10 seconds
      • Identity theft and hacking


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