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  • Gleischaltung
    • Bringing external influences under Nazi control
      • Attempt to co-ordinate as many aspects of German life as possible
    • Youth
      • Education
        • Primary means of indoctrination
        • Strict control over curriculum
          • Increased PE.
          • Eugenics and emphasis on 'survival of the fittest'
          • Sex education BANNED
            • Encouraged children to have as many of their own as poss.
      • Groups: HJ and BDM
    • Teachers
      • Increase in Nazi teacher's league membership after Jan '33
        • 97% of teachers were members
        • Indoctrinated via 1 month of courses
      • Critiscising the regime risked job and arrest
    • Workers
      • Too large a group to be ignored (46% of population)
      • DAF
        • Motivated workforce to be more productive
      • KDF (strength through joy)
        • Encouraged social equality
        • Encouraged sports and competetiveness
      • SDA (beauty of labour)
        • improved working conditions
          • Keep workers onside
        • Encouraged to work harder due to better facilities
        • provided better canteen food


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