Giant Covalent Structures

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  • Giant Covalent Structures
    • Diamond
      • Form of carbon
      • Regular 3D, giant structure
      • Each C atom is covalently bonded to 4 other atoms
      • This makes it  hard and clear
    • Graphite
      • Another form of carbon
      • Each atom if covalently bonded to 3 other atoms
      • Structured into flat 2D layers
      • Layers slide over each other, cause no covalent bonds between each layer
      • Can conduct electricity due to delocalised electrons (from the carbon atoms)
    • Fullerenes
      • Large molecules formed from hexagonal rings of carbon atoms
      • Rings join together to make cage-like structures, with different numbers of C atoms (some nano-sized)
      • Used for drug delivery into body, lubricants, catalysts, and reinforcing materials


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