Gerald Croft

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  • Gerald Croft
    • He's a complex character
      • He's neither good or bad
        • He's a hypocrite
          • Gerald agrees "young women ought to be protected against unpleasant and disturbing things."
          • but it was Gerald who did the unpleasant and disturbing things to Eva
    • Characteristics
      • respectable
        • "the easy well-bred young man-about-town"
      • traditional
        • "I should say so too!" (agreeing with Birling)
      • a liar
        • "I wasn't telling you a complete lie."
        • He isn't willing to reveal his involvement - wants to protect his own interests (like Mr. Birling?)
      • keen to impress Mr. Birling
        • he has lots of similar views to Birling (he'll end up like Birling?)
          • "We'd have done the same thing."
        • he's business minded and likes to be in control like Birling
        • agrees with Birling's social and political views and laughs at Mr. Birling's jokes
      • upper-class
        • "we're respectable citizens after all."
        • he's from an old country family - the Birlings' social superior
      • He did care for Eva
        • ‘I’m rather more – upset – by this business than I probably appear to be – ‘.
          • But he used her
            • He knew her feelings for him were stronger than his own
    • Purpose in the play
      • He shows that young people can be selfish and unchangeable too
      • He represents the selfish attitudes of the upper class
        • He lets the audience down; we had hope that he would change his attitudes, but he doesn’t - shows how integrated into the upper class these views were
    • He doesn't think he's done anything wrong
      • His language shows that he doesn't feel remorse
        • At the end of the play he says "everything's alright now Sheila." - he hasn't learnt his lesson
        • he's the first character to use the word 'hoax' - he wants to prove the Inspector's a fake and wants to protect his reputation
      • He did care for Eva but treated her badly due to her social status
        • He kept her as his mistress for his own pleasure then discarded her - basically made her homeless




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