Gerald Croft

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  • Gerald Croft
    • "An attractive chap about thirty, rather too manly to be a dandy but very much the easy well-bred man-about-town"
    • Son of a wealthy industrialist and rival of Birling's has become engaged to Sheila
    • Gives Sheila an engagement ring during the celebratory dinner
    • Has the same approach to business as Mr Birling
    • Tells how he rescued Daisy Renton/ Eva Smith from the drunken Alderman Meggarty
    • Telephones the infirmary and learns that no girl died that day
    • Discovers that a police sergeant has never heard of Inspector Goole
    • Admits that he kept the girl as his secret mistress for six months, then broke off their relationship
    • Egotistical
      • "I didn't feel about her as she felt about me"
    • Condescending
      • "She had a long and exciting day"
    • Unwavering
      • "We've been had"
    • Sensitive
      • "I'm rather more upset - by this business than I probably appear"
        • "I've suddenly realised... that she's dead"
    • Authoritative
      • "There's nothing to settle as far as i'm concerned"


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