ENGLISH: AIC Gerald Croft

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  • gerald croft
    • keen to prove the inspector is fake
    • confident but stubborn so it us hard to tell whether he is a good or bad character
    • the birlings social superior
    • works for Crofts Limited, older and bigger than Birling and Company, they are decribed as "friendly rivals"
    • he is a liar, respectable, upper class and traditional
    • language shows he doesn't sympathize with eva, a lot less passionate than sheila
    • gerald had affection for eva and made her happy but left her homeless
    • mr birling and gerald agree on politics and women and laugh at their own jokes. both business minded
      • supports birling sacking eva
    • leads the birlings to realize the inspector wasnt a police officer and there was no suicide recorded at the hospital
    • in the beginning he seems like a good catch and gets on well and impresses sheilas parents
    • he confesses his fling with daisy renton and sheila hands back the engagement ring


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