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  • Geology
    • sedimentary
      • layers of sediment, grainy crumbly and contain fossils
      • sandstone
      • limestone
      • chalk
    • igneous
      • solidification of molten material from below earth's surface
      • granite
      • basalt
    • metamorphic
      • effect of extreme pressures and temperatures deep in Earth.
      • slate
      • marble
    • freeze thaw
      • crack filled with water
      • water freezes and expands
      • ice melts and repeats
    • onion skin weathering
      • rock heated
      • rock cools
      • cracks form and layers flake off
    • Biological
      • seed enters crack and begins to grow
      • as it grows and becomes bigger it cracks the rock
    • Chemical
      • acid rain falls and dissolves rock. in warm wet areas





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