Geography Revision

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  • Geography Revision
    • Green field sites
      • Good
        • Cheaper to build on
        • Appeals to people
      • Bad
        • Destroys natural beauty
        • Ruins habbitats
        • Spoils the area
        • Trees will be cut down
        • There will be less land to farm products in
    • Brown field sites
      • Bad
        • Traffic would get worse with more people
        • Costs lots of money to build
      • Good
        • The area will look better
        • It uses up wasted space
        • replaces the old with the new
        • It will be lived in
    • Formation of a waterfall
      • Stage 1:The soft rock is easy to erode, but the hard rock is resistant. So overtime a ledge develops
      • Stage 2:The water rushes over the ledge and erodes the soft rock forming a plunge pool
      • Stage 3:The ledge collapses into the plunge pool, where the debris helps to speed up erosion
      • Stage 4:The stages 1-3 are repeated. The waterfall gradually retreats upstream carving out a gorge
    • Drainage Basin key words
      • Channel - a river flows into it
      • Source - where the river starts
      • Drainage Basin - an area drained by a river
      • Confluence - where a small river joins a larger one
      • Tributaries - a stream or small river that flows into a bigger one
      • Watershed - the boundary between two river basins
      • Meander - a bend in the river
      • Mouth - where the river flows into the sea
      • Flood plain - land for when a river floods


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