'Genetics' - Sinead Morrissey 

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  • 'Genetics' - Sinead Morrissey
      • All stanzas with the exception of the last are tercets
        • Consistency is kept until a new relationship is formed
          • Learning from new experiences?
        • Creates past and present experiences as separate entities
      • Last stanza is a quatrain
        • New relationship formed, stronger and everlasting
        • Takes and uses her experience to grow from it
        • New, fresh beginning?
      • Commas and full stops in stanzas
        • Break the even flow within the stanzas
        • Physical representation of breaks in the mother and father's relationship
        • Full stops act as physical barrier between parents
      • Language is formal, could reflect her sincerity regarding genetics and divorce
      • Constant repetition of fingers, palms etc. which exaggerates the pride of the narrator's identity
        • Acecptance within divorce but also attempts to connect both parents to her by her genetics ad physical traits
      • Abundance of possessive nouns e.g. "my" and "I"
        • Narrator has ownership over their body/genetics and has pride within it
        • Repetition of "mother" and "father"
          • Narrator attempts to bring parents together physically in words
      • Repetition of "mother" and "father"
        • Narrator attempts to bring parents together physically in words
      • Constant reference back to hands
        • Coping mechanism for lack of connection?
          • "I re-enact their wedding with my hands"
        • Physical representation of her identity and pride
          • "I lift them up ad look at them with pleasure"
      • Religious imagery (Christian)
        • Semantic field of religion used to create images of religion as a focus to the narrator
          • My body is their marriage register
        • "I shape a chapel where a steeple stands"
        • "demure before a priest reciting psalms"
        • Used to juxtapose the lack of purity within the relationship as they "sleep with other lovers"
    • FORM
      • Rhythm and pace created with each stanza
        • Use of full stops and commas at the end of each stanza
        • Regular form, maintaining a consistent tone tbroughout
      • Break in rhyme from "palms" and "friends"
        • Reinforce slight instability when parents are symbolically linked contrasted to separation
        • Break in 'equilibrium' of relationship
      • Half-rhyme reinforces the tenson that still remains after the spearation
        • "palms" and "hands"
          • Relate to each other as a couple but are not the same
            • Could connect to "mother" and "father" as they both connect and tough symbolically
          • Connect in meaning and rhyme, but do not mean the same


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