Discuss role of genetics in aggressive behaviour

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  • Discuss role of genetics in aggressive behaviour
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      • Aggression often runs in families indicating a particular gene may be responsible for a predisposition to engage in Agg. Beh.
        • Coccaro investigated 182 Mz twins and 118 Dz twins and found genes accounted for more than 40% of variance in general aggression
      • Lagerspetz (1979) mice isolated after weaning. Aggressive and non agg. interbred. After 19th gen, aggressive biting behaviour 52% for agg. 5% for non agg.
      • Hutchings and Mednick study of over 14000 people. Found sig no. of adopted boys with criminal convictions had biological parents with criminal convictions.
      • Brunner et al found all male members of a Dutch family had defective MAOA gene and had been involved in criminal acts inc. **** and arson.
      • Cases et al. (1995) dsables MAOA gene in X chromosome of mice and found that males became more aggressive
      • Low activity MAOA-L and high activity MAOA-H, MAOA-L predisposes an ind. to antisocial and aggressive behaviour.


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