Genetic Variation

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  • Genetic Variation
    • Crossing over
      • Occurs in Prophase I
      • Non-sister chromatids wrap around each other very tightly
      • Chromosome may break at chiasmata & the broken ends re-join to the ends of non-sister chromatids
    • Independent assortment
      • Metaphase I
        • Consequence of the random distribution of maternal & paternal chromosomes on the equator & the subsequent segregation
      • Metaphase II
        • Result of random distribution on the equator of sister chromatids
    • Fertilisation
      • Only one, randomly selected egg is released at a time from the ovary
      • About 300 sperm all genetically different are released & any can fertilise the egg
    • Mutation
      • May occur during interphase when the DNA is replicated
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