Genetic factors

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  • Genetic Factors
    • Twin studies
      • Expect to find more similarities in aggressive behaviour if agg. is genetically influenced
      • Coccaro et al. studied MZ + DZ twins
        • Direct physical assault - concordance rates 50% MZ, 19%DZ
          • Large difference - must be genetics
        • Verbal aggression - 28% MZ, 7% DZ
          • Large difference - must be genetics
    • Adoption studies
      • genetic if +ve correlation between agg. in adopted children + bio parents.
      • Hutchings + Mednick - 14,000 Denmark adoptions.
        • Significant no. of adopted boys w/criminal convictions had bio parents w/convictions
    • MAOA-L gene
      • Regulates serotonin metabolism in brain. Low S = agg.
        • freq. in pops w/history of warfare
      • Brunner et al. - 28 males in a large Dutch family involved in agg. behaviour - had v. low levels of MAOA in brain - MAOA-L present
    • Other important genes - Stuart et al. found agg. in males associated with MAOA-L and 5-HTT (serotonin transport gene)
    • Separate genes/environment - in twin studies MZ could be treated more similarly than DZ - cannot know role. Adoption studies - good as they are separated, but adoption itself could be traumatic.
    • Diathesis-stress model. Frazetto et al. found association between MAOA-L and antisocial aggression only when ppts had trauma in first 15yrs of life. Agg is INTERACTIONIST
    • Debate: determinism. Agg gene applied to treatment of criminals + legal issues? Takes responsibility away from criminals eg. Bradley Warldrup


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