gender and genes

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  • genes and gender
    • Diamond > real story David/Bruce/Brenda lonely,  adolescence return girl take name David genetic sex important  = gender identity
    • Reiner et al 16 males no penis 14 raised females, 8 of which > back to male, biological determinism
    • IDA Biological determinism correct ? Socialisation matter? Cognitive processes. memory, judgement , reasoning   Congenital adrenal hyperplasia ** high levels of testosterone, degrees of male geitalia 250 cases 95% = female at birth  content  Dessen , those male = 12 = serious problems
    • IDA  ** compete as female if have AIS +unfair  1968 genetic testing , exclude above. 1991 not test genetics exclude males in female events if abnormalities obvious  -male genitalia = genetical sex not determine gender
    • Methodology problems use of case studies diff to gen to wider pop, each case indiv Intersexes not clearly male or female, biological ambiguities > more vulnerable to social influence search for clues to identity - gender depend on social envir > diff to generalise
      • Sex of rearing important than genes. david reamer case lost penis given female hormones sex reconstruction brought up as girl, = success acc to Money


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