Functions of the family

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  • Functions of the family
    • Functionlists
      • Parsons "functional fit" theory
        • The functions he family will perform will depend on the society it is within
        • The extended family fits the pre-industrial age as their is more people to work
        • The nuclear family fits the modern society
      • Murdock
        • The family has 4 essential functions to meet the needs of the society
          • REMEBER: My Rabbit Sleeps Soundly
            • Meeting its members economic needs
            • Reproduction of the next generation
            • Satisfaction of the sex drive
            • Socialisation of the young
          • Feminists see that the family serves the needs of men and the oppression of women (what a shock!)
          • Marxists believe it meets the needs of capitalism and not the people in the society
    • Marxists
      • Society is based on an equal conflict between two social class
        • The middle and upper dictate and manage whilst the working struggle and labour
          • The struggling of the working-class is necessary for the whole society to improve
    • Feminists
      • Liberal feminists
        • Women's oppression is being gradually overcome through changing people's attitudes and through changes in the law
        • Society is moving towards greater equality, but that full equality will depend on further reforms and changes in the attitudes and socialisation patterns of both sexes
        • Hold the "march to progress" view
      • Marxist feminists
        • Women reproduce the labour force, they socialise the next generation
        • Women abosrb anger that would otherwise be directed at capitalism
        • Women are a reserve army of cheap labour
      • Radical feminism
        • Men are the enemy, they are the sourrce of women's oppression
          • Men dominate through, violence, sex and money
        • The modern family has to be abolished - women need to live separate to men


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