Family Functionalist and Marxist

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  • Views on Family
    • Marxist
      • Engles
        • Family did not exist
        • Husband and wife did not form an economicunit
        • Marriage happened with the rich people
          • So that the men could identify their child
      • Zaretsky
        • Private life is separate from the economic life.
        • family is a prop to capitalist society.
        • Women were the housewifes
        • Family consumes products of rich people
          • Increase in surplus value
    • Functionalist
      • Gough
        • The Nayar
        • Sandbanham marriages
          • Don't have to be fulfilled as long as the funeral is attended
        • Men can sleep with any woman and women can sleep with up to 12 men.
          • If they receive a child a man will have to volunteer to provide for the woman and her child.
      • Murdock
        • Studied 250 societies
        • Belief that Nuclear family is a universal social grouping
      • Parsons
        • 2 BASIC FUNCTIONS: 1. primary socialization
          • 2. Stabilization of adult behavior/ personality
        • 2 BASIC PURPOSES:
          • 1. Structuring of personality
          • 2. Internalization of society's culture.


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