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  • Murdock
    • 1. Socialization
      • Reproduce norms and values - teach children what is acceptable behaviour.
    • 2. Reproduction
      • Produce new generations
    • 3. Econmic
      • Provide shelter and financial security.
    • 4.  Sexual
      • Parents are responsible for controlling the sex drive of the children teaching them what is acceptable.
    • Functionalists
      • Parsons
        • Stabilisation of adult personalities.
          • The personality produced in primary socialisation is kept stable by the  members of the family.
          • Expressive role - women - The caring role in the family
          • Instrumental role - men - The breadwinner one that goes and makes the money.
        • Primary socialization
          • Teaching children norms and values that are accepted of them in wider society.
        • Criticisms
          • Extremely sexist.
          • Out of date
    • Criticisms
      • Out of date
      • Doesn't take into account family diversity.


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