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  • Functionalism
    • Society as system
      • Parsons - Organic analogy
        • Society like bio organism
          • Self-regulating & 'parts' play important role
          • Have needs to survive e.g. oxygen vs. socialisation
          • Important functions e.g. nutrients vs. food eco
      • Social order achieved through shared culture leading to value consensus
        • VC integrates individuals into social system through socialisation & social control (reward/punishment)
      • Systems needs (GAIL)
        • Society has its own needs and the shared value system co-ordinates the different parts of society to ensure that the systems' needs are met
        • Goal Attainment = set goals + allocate resource
          • Adaption - meet members eco needs
      • Social Change
        • Change is process of complexity - societies move from simple to complex structures e.g. religion no longer performs many functions
          • Change in one part = change in another
    • Critiques
      • Assumes everything in society indispensable but gay couples can perform family funcitons
      • Merton
      • Marxist - assumes society based on exploitation
      • Have no free will but individuals create own society through actions


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