Friar Lawrence

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  • Friar Lawrence
    • Personality
      • The Friar gives advice to Romeo and Juliet
        • He is a father figure to Romeo - He has previous knowledge of Rosaline
        • He gives them both advice and stops them comitting suicide
        • He knows a lot about herbs and makes a potion to make Juliet appear dead
        • At the end he runs away when Juliet refuses to go with him
      • Friar Lawrence seems helpful and sensible
        • He seems surprised that Romeo has forgotten about Rosaline so quickly
        • At first he is against the marriage but then he sees it could end the feud
        • He's the voice of common sense and the only one other than Romeo and Juliet that knows exactly what's going on, but he can't stop it going wrong
      • He does some suspicious things
        • Friar's decision to help Romeo and Juliet is questionable - he uses their love to end the feud
        • It could be argued that he doesn't do what's best for Romeo and Juliet - he warned about the consequences but married them anyway
        • He's cowardly - runs away in Act 5
        • His plans are a bit risky - faking Juliet's death is an extreme and dangerous idea
    • Themes
      • The Friar shows optimism in tragedy, constantly having an answer or solution to the things that are happening
      • Love - The Friar acts as a father figure to Romeo as there is evidence that Romeo frequently confides in him
        • Religious figures were high up in the society at the time, and they were some of the most trusted among friends
    • Quotes
      • "These violent delights have violent ends" Act 2 Scene 6
        • The Friar's words foreshadow what the audience already knows will happen thanks to the prologue
      • "To turn your households' rancour to pure love" Act 2 Scene 3
        • The Friar's intentions may be good but his methods of using Romeo and Juliet are questionable
          • The reader begins to question the Friar's moral integrity


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