Free will and determinism

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  • Freewill and determinism
    • Determinism
      • science related theory that every action is the inevitable consequence of laws and cause - effects chains
        • Spinoza
          • no freewill - only an illusion
        • Newton
          • natural laws that govern the world and our decisions
            • no freewill - only an illusion
        • Laplace
          • to know the future (so to have free will) it means that we should know the place of every single particle in the world
        • Criticism
          • chaos theory
            • heisenberg
            • there are infinite possible possibilities before they become certaintes
              • a cause can create a probability of effects. Only when one effect happen then it becomes certain
        • universal theory of causation
      • Sartre
        • essence before existence
          • we first know that we are alive and then we categorize ourselves as humans
        • we are condemned to be free
          • since we are born, we can use our free will in order to choose
            • if we deny the possibility to choose, we deny our basic freedom
          • inauthenticity
            • the inability to be in charge of our lives and choices
          • bad faith
            • to deny your freedom and your facticity
          • anguish of our existence
            • understanding that we have free will can make us feel sick about life
              • we understand the responsibilities that we have in utilising our free will in a correct way


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