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  • Fragments
    • fragments of the body
      • different body parts
        • close up of hands, collarbone etc
      • inside of the body
        • organs e.g. the heart
    • fragments of the mind
      • mind presented as a map
        • leads to the multiple areas of the mind that create your personality
      • different areas define you as a person
      • e.g. Ed Fairburn
    • fragments of infrastructure/the city
      • skyscrapers/ significant buildings
      • scaffolding/unfinished buildings
      • back streets of the city
      • places of culture in the city
    • fragments of time
      • different times of day - colours of the sky
      • past vs present
    • fragments of history
      • destroyed/decayed historical buildings/monuments
        • e.g. berlin wall
        • e.g. abandoned trenches
    • fragments of stories
      • torn books and posters
      • layering of stories/ literature in artworks
    • fragments of space
      • constellations
      • galaxies
      • planets/surfaces of planets
    • fragments of memories
      • childhood memories
      • memories that create you as a person
      • significance of memories on a persons future personality


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