Forensic Science

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  • Forensic Psychology
    • Crime
      • Breach of rule or law for which a punishment is given by legal enforcement
      • Measuring Crime
        • Official Statistics
          • Consists of police crime figures, court statistics and prison statistics
        • The British Crime Survey
          • Consists of victim surveys and offender
        • Self-Report Studies
          • Type of research method used to determine the extent of crime and deviant behaviour
    • Offender Profiling
      • The Typology Approach
        • Crime scene analysis - organised or disorganised
          • Organised - above average IQ, sexually and socially competent, lives with a partner and experiences anger or depression at the time of the attack. careful planning and control, victim stranger
          • Disorganised - lives alone, near the crime scene, sexually and socially inadequate, mental illness, physically or sexually abused, frightened and confused at the time of the attack
      • The Investigative Approach
        • Scientific discipline concerned with the psychological principles, theories and empirical findings that may be applied and the legal processes
        • The case of the 'Railway ******'
        • Techniques of the investigative approach
          • Canter (1994)
      • The Geographical Approach
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