Economic Consideration of Food and Fuel

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  • Food
    • Buy in bulk, often cheaper but check date codes, freeze perishables (food that will go bad quickly).
    • Grow your own/eat seasonally.
      • Cheaper because you get more and you would only take what you need.
      • Cheaper, less food miles and more economical.
    • Make tired fruit and vegetables into something else (e.g. vegetables could make soup and bananas could be made into bread/ice-cream).
      • So that food is not wasted.
    • Stock rotation.
      • So food isn't wasted.
    • Make/prepare what you need and freeze leftovers .
      • So that food that isn't eaten is not wasted.
    • Look for offers.
      • Cheaper, can give variety in your diet. Better quality for the same price.
    • Plan and do a shopping list.
      • Only buy what you need not extra.
    • Buy shop brands/ economy brands.
      • Cheaper.
    • Make use of whole egg (e.g. both yolk and white).
      • So that you don't waste part of the egg.


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