Feminist theory of Religion

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  • Feminist Theory of Religion
    • El Saadawi
      • Argues that religion is not the cause of patriarchy - religion merely justifies it
      • Practices like female circumcision aren't the result of Islam, just a wrong analysis of the Qur'an
      • Religion justifies traditional gender roles
    • Armstrong
      • Religion justifies a patriarchal society
      • E.g. Religion controls views on divorce and abortion
    • Holm and Bowker
      • In the private sphere of religion, women are dominant, i.e. they socialise their child into religion
      • In the public sphere of religion, men always dominate the most important positions
      • The rise in religious fundamental-ism is leading to a return to traditional patriarchal roles
    • Davie
      • Women see God as a God of love, comfort and forgiveness - Men see God as powerful
      • Religion is a ideological tool used to exploit women
      • Religion justifies patriarchy
      • Women are seen as imperfect in scriptures e.g. Eve and the apple
    • Abbot and Wallace
      • Argue that women as the traditional healers were targeted for persecution because they were a threat to the growth of male domination in medicine
    • Evaluation
      • Does not take into account smaller social interactions
      • Tends to ignore improvement in women's rights
      • Ignores conflict between class


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