Fate theme

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  • Fate
    • Prologue
      • We know from the start that they are fated to die.
        • "a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life"
          • Alternative meaning: their lives begin
    • Romeo dreams and it fills him with dread
      • Act 1, Scene 4
    • Dramatic irony when the pair get married
      • "love-devouring death"
      • The audience know that they're meant to die
    • Romeo thinks he is a victim of fate
      • "Oh I am fortune's fool!"
      • Reminds the audienced that the pair have been doomed from the start
      • Thinks that fate is against him
        • "Oh I defy you, stars!"
        • It is his decision to return to Verona that leads his and Juliet's death
    • Friar Lawrence couldn't control this
      • Fate is more powerful than religion
      • Lovers were doomed to be unlucky
      • "a greater power than we can contradict"
        • greater power could be God
          • tragedy was unavoidable
    • Price blames the family feud for their losses
      • "heaven find means to kill your joys"
        • heaven is fate and is punishing the damilies


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