Family Patterns

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  • Family Patterns
    • Marriage
      • Trends:
        • The number of first marriages has significantly declined since the 1970s.
        • People are marrying later: 32 years for men and 30 for women.
        • Remarriages increased from 57000 in 1961 to 126000 (46% of all marriages) in 2000. Most remarriages involve divorced persons rather than widows and widowers.
    • Reasons for changing patterns of marriage
      • Changing attitudes: there is less pressure to marry and more freedom for individuals to choose the type of relationship they want. David Cheal argues this has led to an increase in family diversity
      • Decline of religious influence: people no longer feel they should marry for religious reasons.
      • Decline in stigma: cohabitation, remaining single and having children outside marriage are all now regarded as acceptable.
      • Changes in position of women: many women are now financially independent from men because of better education and better career prospects.


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