family types

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  • family types
    • family structure
      • composition of a group of people who live together as a family unit
    • family diversity
      • household
        • a household is one person living alone/ a group of people living together. This group of people may or may not be related.
      • a range of different family types existing in society rather than one single dominant family. Mainly due to increasing choice about relationships
    • cereal packet family
      • a married couple of man and woman with their 2 children, usually a girl and a boy. The media like to promote this type of family
    • modified extended family
      • extended family groupings whose members live apart geographically but maintain regular contact and provide support.
    • classic extended family
      • any group of kin extended beyond the nuclear family who live together in the same house. Vertically extended are grandparents, horizontally extended are aunts, uncles etc.
    • privatised nuclear family
      • a nuclear family whose lifestyle and leisure patterns centre on the home rather than the extended family, friends, workmates or wider community.
    • nuclear family
      • two generation family of a man and woman and their dependant child/children, own or adopted.
    • beanpole family
      • four generation or multi-generation families that are long and thin in structure due to having more vertical ties.
    • lone parent family
      • one parent and a dependant child/children who live together. Usually headed by the mother.
    • empty nest household
      • This is when a couples children have left home leaving the couple behind in the house
    • reconstituted family
      • step family where one or both partners have a child/children from a previous relationship.
    • same sex family
      • a gay/lesbian couple, who live together  with their children, own or adopted.
    • cohabitation
      • an unmarried heterosexual/ homosexual couple who live together.
    • commune
      • groups of related and unrelated people, couples, families all living together in a small isolated community based on principles of self reliance etc.


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