family sociologists

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  • family sociologists
    • childhood
      • philippe aries: pre-industrial. no childhood. economic liability. little emotion when they died
      • melanie phillips: children have too many rights. media cause sexual behaviour, self-harm, drugs and alco, depression and eating disorders
      • neil postman: 'childhood is disappearint at a dazzing speed'. same rights as adults. adult crimes.
    • family diversity
      • new right/func: chester - diversity is exaggerated. more live in nuc fam then dont.
      • fem: somerville - women have greater freedom with work, marriage and sexuality
    • social policy
      • new right: murray - underclass. wealth state has undermined fam val
    • family trends
      • robert chester: co-hab - trial run before marriage
      • joan chandler: cohab is replacing marriage
    • perspectives
      • functionalism
        • murdock: 4 functions. sexuality and gender roles. economic stability. reproduction and primary socialisation
        • parsons: 2 functions. primary socialisation and stabilisation.
      • marxism
        • engels: development of private property - development of patriarchy
        • zaretsky: capitalism causes work to move from home to factories. buying goods. women unpaid workers. child economic liabilities
      • feminism
        • fran ansley: 'takers of ****'
    • conjugal roles
      • wilmott and young: march of progress.
      • ann oakley: jual burden. paid and unpaid work
      • duncan and marsden: triple shift. paid, unpaid and emotional work
      • edgell: decision making. men make important decisions


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