What is a family?

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  • Families and Households
    • Types of Families:
      • Nuclear Family: Composed of a couple and their children
      • Reconstituted Family: when two families join together via remarriage or cohabitation. They have children from previous marriages.
      • Cohabitation: when a couple are not married however are living together.
      • Single Parent Family: a single parent with child
      • Extended Family Horizontal: Living with Uncles or Aunts. The parents siblings and their children.
      • Extended Family Vertical: Living with Grandparents.
      • Beanpole Family: Long thin family structure but live apart.
      • Same Sex family: Family composed of a couple that are of the same sex.
    • Changing patterns in Family
      • Monogamy: Being married to one person,. One man and one woman.
      • Serial Monogamy: a series of long term relationships .
      • Polygamy: One man married to many women Increases number of children.
      • Polyandry: One woman married to a lot of men. Restricts the number of children.


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