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  • Fall of Cromwell
    • Marriage to Anne of Cleves
      • The interlinking of Cromwell's domestic and foreign policies had run into problems by 1540... An attack by the Catholic Church on England encouraged him to seek an alliance.
        • He formed an alliance with the Duchy of Cleves. It would be sealed by the marriage of Anne to Henry.  henry was impressed by Holbein's painting of Anne and he agreed the marriage would have political advantages
          • When Anne arrived Henry was not impressed.He blamed Cromwell for 'forcing' him into the marriage, further encouraging the Duke of Norfolk to act against Cromwell.
            • The rise of the Norfolk faction. Norfolk had long been looking to bring down Cromwell. He brought his niece Catherine Howard to court and Henry fell in love with her. Cromwell was blamed for the Cleves marriage which prevented Henry from marrying the young Catherine
    • Trial of John Lambert
      • 1538 - John Lambert was put on trial for denying the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.
        • Henry found Lambert guilty and he was burnt at the stake. Cromwell appeared, however, to give Lambert the benefit of the doubt during the trial, further adding to the file of evidence the nobility was creating against him.
    • Six Articles
      • 1539 - Showed Henry was more conservative then radical regarding his religious orientation. This put Cromwell in a difficult position as it allowed the conservative nobility to use Henry's religious orientation against him.
    • Accusations of Heresy
      • His fate was sealed when his support for a number of know heretics came to light
        • Lord Lisle stated that Cromwell had not enforced punishments for heretical behaviour in Calais.
          • Robert Barnes was a close friend of Cromwell and did a sermon on justification by faith alone & was sent to the tower. the Duke of Norfolk used this against Cromwell.


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