Factors affecting transpiration rate

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    • Number and size of leaves
      • more leaves= larger surface area for water to be lost from
    • Number, size and position of stomata
      • Many, large stomata= more water loss
      • Stomata on lower surface= slower rate of loss
    • Presence of cuticle
      • waxy- prevent water loss from leaf surface
    • Light
      • Stomata open for gas exchange for photosynthesis
    • Temperature
      • higher temperauture= higher rate of loss
        • increases rate of evaporation
        • increase rate of diffusion due to more kinetic energy
        • decrease relative water potential in air
    • Relative humidity
      • Higher relative humidity in air decreases rate of loss
        • water moves down potential gradient
    • Air movement/ wind
      • air movement will carry water vapour from surface
        • maintains water potential gradient
    • Water availability
      • little water in leaves= plants cannot replace water loss
        • water loss reduced by closing stomata or shedding leaves


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