Factors affecting the standard of the reasonable man

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  • Factors affecting the standard of care of the reasonable man
    • Size of the risk
      • Bolton v Stone 1951
        • Not a risk that the reasonable man would protect against.
      • Haley v London Electricity Board 1964
    • Benefits of taking the risk?
      • Watt v Hertfordshire County Council 1954
        • Saving a woman's life outweighed the risk of injury to firefighter.
      • Day v High Performance Sports 2003
        • Standard of care lower when making a rescue.
    • Special characteristics of the C
      • Paris v Stepney Borugh Council 1951
        • Council owed C higher standard of care because of the known increased risk.
      • Walker v Northumberland County Council 1995
        • Must take more care to avoid repeat or more serious illness.
    • Have all practical precautions been taken?
      • Latimer v AEC 1952
        • Took all necessary practical precautions


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