Factors Affecting Population

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  • Factors Affecting Population
    • Education
      • Parents will want their children to have the best possible education
        • Costs more for more children to have a good education
          • Will have less children-lower birth rate
    • Agricultural Change
      • Better farming techniques have been introduced, which often use technology
        • Less children needed to work the farms=lower birth rate
    • Urbanisation
      • People migrate from a rural area to an urban one for a better education for their children
        • Having a lot of children is no longer an advantage because they don't work-lower birth rate
    • Industrialisation
      • In the Industrial Revolution, factories needed a large workforce.
        • More children were born to work and make money for the family-higher birth rate
    • Emancipation Of Women
      • Women are educated and often choose to have a career instead of many children
        • Led to a lower birth rate


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