Eye witness testimony

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  • Eye witness testimony
    • Factors that affect EWT
      • Misleading information
        • Loftus and Palmer
          • AIM- test if the verb used in a question can effect accurate recall
          • PROCEDURE-watched a car crash asked questions 'how fast were the cars travelling when they ....'
            • Crashed
            • collided
            • hit
            • Smashed
          • FINDINGS- they found the word smashed gave a high average speed guessed by participants
      • Age of witness
        • Poole and Lindsay
          • PROCEDURE-3-8 year old shown science video and later read a science book and asked to recall where certain pieces of info had come from
          • Older children were more able to recall accurately
      • Anxiety
        • Participants sat outside lab thinking they were waiting to be part f an experiment, heard an argument condition 1- man walked out of room with pen condition 2- man walked out with a knife
          • Loftus and palmer
        • Participants that had seen the knife had less accurate recall on the event due to high levels of anxiety
        • Loftus and palmer
    • Improving witness memory and cognitive interview
      • Recalling backwards
      • Report everything
      • Context reinstatement
      • Change perspective


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