Explanations for Resistance to Social Influence

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  • Resistance to Social Influence
    • Locus of Control (Rotter)
      • Internal LOC- people take responsibility for their actions; tend to conform less
      • External LOC- people blame outside factors for their situation; tend to conform more
      • Shute (1983)- ppts with high external LOC did conform more, but only in situations that caused NSI
    • Social Support
      • Presence of other dissenters reduces conformity
        • Provide moral support
        • Early social support has greater effect
      • Asch variation- lack of unanimity from start reduced conformity rate to 5.5%
      • Asch variation- lack of unanimity later in study reduced conformity to 8.5%
      • Milgram variation- ppt paired with 2 confederates who refused to continue- only 10% gave 450v shock
        • Ppts later said they did not realise they could refuse
  • Original conformity rate- 32%
  • Original- 62.5%


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