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  • Experiments
    • Two main kinds of experiments available, Field and Lab some psychological lab experiments are found
      • An experiment in a form of observation where variable are controlled in order to test a hypothesis. A lab takes place in a manufactured environment where most variable can be effectively controlled whereas field takes place in the real world where no variable can be controlled.
    • It is easier to control variables and achieve a more reliable result in a lab situation but a situation lacks validity as it doesn't resemble real life
      • The HTE is relevant because people are likely to behave differently wen they know they are being observed, unless there is an element of deception.  But when there is some deception experiments will almost always involve subjects being aware that they are being observed or tested fr some purpose, even if it's not the true purpose. Experiments in sociology are generally unlikely to have much validity
        • A good exception is R+J field experiment PYGMALION in the classroom to show labelling g and S.F.P which is high validity and reliability.Results from normal classroom and control group to improve reliability.But decprionwas required which has an impact on the human subjects
    • Experiments are used by positivists as they ant to be able to generalise the results to the whole target population.
      • With Lab  experiments often efforts will be made to try and ensure participants are as representative of their TP, although the samples are unlikely to be especially large compared with those in questionnaires. For e.g if repeating with a range of participants the same results keep occurring then supporting the hypothesis is indicated and the likelihood is that the data is most likely to be generalised.
        • But sociologists rarely use lab experiments and its harder to generate a representative sample for field experiment. because FE deal with people in their usual environments, the researcher really has to take the participants they can get. They can try and select a certain group and repeat research elsewhere but will always be difficult to generalise finding's
    • One principle   reasons why sociologists rarely consider using lab experiments,is because it would be impractical to do so. It would be an enormous undertaking to try and recreate coils situations which sociologists ar eiterested in a lab experiment
      • A field experiment is more practical there might5 be gatekeepers who prevent and experiment taking place. experiementscan be time consuming as the researcher will generally want to repeat it to ensure it to be reliable and to generate generalised conclusions
    • Ethical concerns about experimenting on human. But Soc experiments are less likely to have the lasting psychological experiments are accused of causing any manipulation of human behaviour is questionable.
    • Favoured by Positivists because they re the method that most resembles the prefferedresearch method of natural sciences. But the most common form of experiment in sociology is the field expeeriment which some positivessowuld consider lacking in reliability due to the inability of the researchers to control variables
      • While interpretivits are less concerned being sicentifi, they might still use a field expeirentas a way of investigating a phenomenon - R+J


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